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Portfolio Underwriter

Stay compliant while underwriting portfolio loans quickly with Portfolio Underwriter

Are you a well-managed bank, credit union or non-agency aggregator looking for a competitive advantage? Portfolio Underwriter® from LoanScorecard gives you a custom-branded, automated underwriting engine that lets you analyze loan data based on your unique specifications, while making it easier for you to be competitive on the financial stage while ensuring safety and soundness in your mortgage operations.

LoanScorecard provides your originators and underwriters with a unique, in-depth findings report branded with your company's logo and information. It also includes a detailed underwriting analysis based on your specific credit policies and criteria, in a professional layout - more than what many major financial institutions are able to offer.

Agency AUS engines cannot reflect the underwriting guidelines of your specific portfolio programs. Manually underwriting every file presents a high risk of human error and potential fair lending violations. By running Portfolio Underwriter engine with LoanScorecard, you are in control of your credit risk profile and documentation requirements.

Portfolio Underwriter has several features to help you stay competitive, for example

  • Enforces rules regarding any aspect of the 1003 or credit report
  • Outlines the documentation requirements specific to the current loan
  • Establishes standard practices for manual underwriting, compensating factors and exception approval
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